Stevie Ray Vaughan Movie Possible

It seems as if Dan Forte’s "authorised" biography of Stevie Ray Vaughan is finally going to come out!

There is news at last regarding two of the most asked questions about Stevie Ray Vaughan: "When will the authorised biography come out," and "Is there going to be a movie?" As the old saying goes, I’ve got good news and bad news.

On October 29, 1997, it became public information that an agreement has been reached involving the authorized biography of Stevie, and a film option on that book. (Please note that I said film option, which does not necessarily mean that a movie will actually be made.) Dan Forte called me and said that his biography of Stevie will be finished by the end of October 1998, and that it will either be released soon thereafter, or in conjunction with a movie in 1999 or later.

So the good news is the train is rolling and picking up steam; the bad news is that it probably will not pull into the station until 1999 or later. The biography will be published by Miramax Books, the film option is held by Miramax Films. Robert Rodriguez is still slated to direct. There have been no casting decisions. I said, there have been no casting decisions.

From the web site – worth SRV fans checking out….

"Stevie Ray Vaughan On The Internet"

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